Cannabis Plant in Purple Light; Highlighting Rapid Low Temperature Dehydration and How it Works

Rapid Low Temperature Dehydration: How it Works

Our proprietary Rapid Low Temperature Dehydration technology helps you dry bud faster, and more consistently. Let’s take a quick look inside our technology, how the process works and why it’s beneficial for growers like you.

Chambers & Trays

Dhydra systems feature large chambers, approximately 20 to 30 feet long. They accommodate food-grade trays that contain wet bud. Trays are fed into and removed from the chambers in a continuous automated process that can be run for up to 24 hours per day.

Inside the Vacuum

We lower the pressure and create a vacuum inside the chambers. This allows the water in the bud to become vapor (‘boil’) at slightly above room temperatures when we apply low-temperature heating. This is done in a patent-protected and strictly controlled manner.

Rapid Low Temperature

Unlike others, Dhydra’s RLTD technology precisely directs low-temperature heating into tightly defined regions. Rather than creating ‘standing hot spots’, we control the travelling waves of energy and apply them evenly. The buds ‘ability to dry’ is matched with energy-input and prevents overheating.

Removing Moisture with Precision

We gently lift the moisture from the plant material without negatively impacting the cannabinoids and preserving much of the terpene content in the bud. By heating and removing the moisture in minutes, under very-low-oxygen, dark conditions, our technology preserves the trichomes.

Our Closed-Loop System

Our closed-loop technology preserves cannabinoids and terpenes. The low-boiling-point terpenes that are lifted from the bud, are retained in the system’s captured water. Growers can use this feature to recover terpenes from the captured water and monetize them in innovative ways.

Interface & Support

Your staff can operate the menu-driven systems with minimal training. Dhydra remotely monitors and analyzes your production process and can make real-time recommendations to improve outcomes. We can also create new algorithms to dry new strains or product types and respond to requests via our remote interface.

How it Works for Producers

If drying and curing cannabis is one of your biggest quality assurance challenges, we can help. Rapid Low Temperature technology is a consistent, repeatable, scientific approach to drying cannabis that propels producers forward. From trim-room to shelf-stable in under one hour, Dhydra’s solution provides you with technology to reduce time and costs. Not to mention, it will help you produce great product that your customers will appreciate.

Dhydra Rapid Low Temperature Dehydration Titan 120 Equipment Unit in stainless steel with Dhydra logo

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