Health Canada Approved Research License for Cannabis

On March 27, 2020 Health Canada issued a license to support further developments in extraction and dehydration machinery offered by Dhydra Technologies. In the past nine months Dhydra has further developed a process for remote installations, as well as training using mixed reality devices. These developments are to support our customers throughout Covid-19 restrictions on travelling and will continue to provide value to customers for years to come.

The Dhydra team (consisting of the engineers, scientists, and executive team) are striving to garner results that will not only aid the growth and development of the growers/processors but to also raise the profile of high-quality products in the cannabis industry. End users are more educated than ever on cannabis and cannabis-based products, our goal is to ensure that our Vacuum Microwave Technology is the primary solution for growers and processors to cultivate top-shelf products.

In the process of setting up our labs we have been able to gain the following certifications and approvals:

  • Health Canada approved chemicals for CIP
  • Electrical safety approved to CSA standards by LabTest Certification Inc.
  • EU-GMP compliant RLTD System (in progress)
  • ISO 9001 certified quality management system (in progress)
  • Sanitation SOP
  • Pass/Fail swab test

We employ a secure lock system, and the lab is organized in compliance with Health Canada’s requirements. This will provide customers with more flexibility for arranging demos run by us rather than schedule a demo with a third-party lab; customers only need to provide Dhydra with fresh product.

We have detailed demo run guidelines which will be sent to customers before demo run. All the testing details will remain confidential as we are a private organization and value our customers’ privacy. We have in-house moisture and potency testing and have the option to send dry product out to labs authorized to conduct analytical testing under the Cannabis Act immediately after the demo run.

About the Tech

Dhydra’s advantage, with our patented technology, is that we control the energy into tightly defined regions. Rather than standing hot spots, Dhydra controls the traveling waves of energy allowing them to be applied evenly. Lowering the pressure (creating a vacuum environment) allows the water to “boil” (water becomes vapor) at low temperatures. Dhydra applies microwave energy in a strictly controlled manner to generate water vapor without overheating and degrading the product. By removing the water under low temperatures, Dhydra can provide superior flavor and texture, while preserving the integrity of the plant.

Dhydra solely focuses on working with cannabis producers to:

  • Automate and digitize the drying and curing process
  • Prevent mold contamination
  • Decrease waste
  • Retain the integrity of the plant by keeping essential terpenes

We have different models of demo machine which are ready to be scheduled; Atlas batch machine, Chimera batch machine and Kraken continuous machine.


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