Cannabis drying
technology that’s
changing the game.

The results are revolutionary.

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the moisture.

Rapid dehydration at low
temperatures provides fast,
consistent drying to prevent
mold and degradation.

the value.

The closed-loop system
maximizes output of valuable
cannabinoids, terpenes, colours,
and aromas.

150+ lbs
per hour

From trim-room to shelf-stable
in under one hour. Increase your
capacity with a continuous flow
of up to 24 hrs/day.

Dhydra’s proprietary technology is the solution to the industry’s drying and curing bottleneck. We help Licensed Producers dry their valuable plants efficiently and cost-effectively. All while retaining the flower’s original integrity.

How it works Our Tech vs Conventional Drying

Dhydra technologies cannabis dehydration and drying equipment

The technology

Reliable equipment
with real-time

  • Eliminates the need for curing
  • From wet to dry and cured in 38 minutes
  • Meets food safety standards
  • Remote monitoring and exceptional on-site service

Our Rapid Low Temperature Dehydration
machines are designed specifically for cannabis
and hemp growers. Reduce your operational
costs while increasing your production speed
as well as your capacity.

Advance beyond
the conventional.

You’ve worked hard to harvest your crops.
It’s time to preserve greater value in your
end product. Whether you’re selling flower,
or processing for oils, Dhydra can take your
cannabis and hemp drying to the next level.

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Dhydra Rapid Low Temperature Dehydration Titan 120 Equipment Unit in stainless steel with Dhydra logo